Top 5 hot chocolates in Kansas City

Hot cocoa is a cure-all. It’s one of the few things to look forward to when it comes to winter in Kansas City. Charles Ferruzza and Jonathan Bender were in their cups, so to speak, in order to find the finest examples of hot chocolate around the city. So grab a pack of overstuffed marshmallows and find out which mugs you should be getting your hands on.

5) Phillips 66/Conoco — The best gas station chocolate in the city. Slightly chalky and treacly sweet — you’ll never be able to wait long enough for this not to burn your tongue.

4) Cosentino’s Market Downtown — A cup of cocoa with a side of parking validation? One of the finest deals in the city.

3) You Say Tomato — Your mom could take lessons from this one. Whipped cream, chocolate syrup and a hint of nutmeg top the hot cocoa that makes Sundays special.

​2) Andre’s Confiserie Suisse — It’s such a glorious, freshly made cup of hot chocolate that the staff at the Plaza shop won’t prepare it during the busy lunch shift — between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. — because each cup is labor-of-love intensive. But it’s worth waiting for (and even better, it’s available to go, if you wish to sip something hot and frothy on a cold drive home). A cup of cocoa costs $3.25. For $4 you can buy a two-ounce packet of mix, which makes several cups of the sweet concoction when blended with hot milk. 

1) Christopher Elbow — This hot chocolate is nearly thick enough to hold a spoon upright. It’s so rich you should split it with someone, but it’s so good, you won’t want to share.

[Image via Flickr: the suss-man]

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