Top 5 get-well soups

Malay Cafe’s Herb Soup

​Like many of my friends right now, I’m fighting a nasty cold. The symptoms? Coughing, sneezing, runny nose and fatigue.

My doctor prescribed antibiotics, cough syrup and hot soup. Not just any hot soup, but a restorative soup — filled with the kind of ingredients that have soothing, health-inducing qualities. (Never forget that the word restaurant, first used by French food vendor Boulanger in 1765, was inspired by restorare, the Latin term meaning “to restore or refresh.” It isn’t enough to eat at a restaurant, you should be restored too.) The qualities of a good restorative soup: visual appeal, of course, a light broth base, and a fragrant aroma.

So, in a get-well message to everyone still fighting off winter’s miseries, here are the city’s top five restaurants to get some restorative soup.

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