Top 5 Egg Nog options in Kansas City

This is the time of year when you should be excited about egg nog. You haven’t had it in a while and you’ve forgotten what’s it like when you have too much.

In Kansas City there are a number of options vying for your egg nog dollar. As a cautionary note, avoid Silk Nog, the soy milk iteration of egg nog (curious ingredient: sea salt). It’s essentially soy milk with an egg nog aftertaste and the start and finish in your mouth do not mix. Despite having no citrus elements, it manages to have the burn of cheap orange juice.

Let’s move on to more festive thoughts. Here are the top 5 egg nog options in Kansas City, listed in reverse order of which will make your stomach happiest.

5. Hiland Old-Fashioned Egg Nog (curious ingredient: corn starch) — I should have listened to the scary snow man on the packaging — this egg nog packs a punch. It says non-alcoholic, but it has the taste and smell of butter rum lifesavers. This is a kick-you-in-the-face kind of egg nog that you’ll love or hate at first sip.

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