Top 10 hot but liquor-free drinks

Yep, it’s cold outside. That makes us think about hot drinks. Here are the metro’s Top 10 non-alcoholic warm-ups, according to Fat City:

10) Arrowhead Stadium — Hot Chocolate. There’s something about concession-stand hot chocolate: It’s the right amount of sweetness and chalkiness that makes you feel like a kid again.

9) Madame Hatter’s Tea Room — Kansas City once had a

dozen little tea rooms like this retro venue in Bonner Springs,

mostly designed for ladies after a weary day of rigorous shopping.

Here, you can have your choice of hot tea, a tasteful little lunch and

a trip back in time all at once.

8) Tea Drops — China White Peach Hot Tea. A light crisp white tea (by the mug or pot) is basically a hot cup of relaxation.

7) One More Cup — Satisfy your sweet tooth and get a needed caffeine fix with the Curious George: It mixes a shot of espresso with Shatto chocolate and banana milks.

6) Mildred’s Coffeehouse — Lattes here are the perfect balance of hot milk and coffee for rainy, cold days.

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