Tomorrow’s No Kid Hungry charity bake sale is big on style and good taste

I’ve been a fan of bake sales — our parish in my hometown seemed to be having one every month — since I first mastered the art of the Kenner Easy-Bake Oven (my folks were wary of me, in those pubescent years, using something more dangerous than a light bulb as a “heating element”) and was able to construct something resembling a layer cake. There wasn’t much of a competitive quality to those sales. If you showed up with something that seemed even vaguely edible, it went out on the tables with a price tag.

Gina Reardon, the chairwoman of the second annual No Kid Hungry bake sale in Kansas City, which raises funds for local school lunch programs and supports the SNAP program in the Kansas City metro, has higher aspirations for the baked goods being sold tomorrow, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., in a tent to the north of the Brookside Commerce Bank at 6336 Brookside Plaza. She has enlisted more than 40 local bakers, including several professional pastry chefs, to provide sweets for the sale. That includes four “celebrity” bakers: Katie Van Luchene and Kimberly Winter Stern of KC Magazine, Laurie Ingram, the publisher of the Independent magazine, and yours truly (who will not be using an Easy-Bake Oven for this venture). Last year’s sale raised $7,000 for the charity. Reardon’s goal for this year’s sale is $10,000.

The sale will feature a wide variety of attractively packaged sweets, including cakes, cookies, brownies — Ingram is baking many pans of salted caramel brownies — for purchase with cash, credit cards and checks. Last year’s sale sold out early. I know. I stocked my freezer with my purchases.

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