Today’s the day to stop eating meat

Today is the Great American Meatout.

Developed and promoted by the Farm Animal Rights Movement, the meatout celebrates its 25th year by encouraging people to go vegetarian for environmental and ethical reasons. Activities around the country include dinners, feed-ins, food samplings and information tables — but none are happening in Kansas City. The only activities I could find were on the KU Campus in Lawrence, where the members of Animal Outreach of Kansas plan to hand out fliers.

It doesn’t really matter that there aren’t any events. The point of the meatout is for vegetarians to engage others on a personal level, talking to family and friends, about why they decided to become vegetarians. Anyone interested in giving up meat is encouraged to get the free Veg Starter Kit, a 32-page book that explains why vegetarian diets are important and how to maintain one. The book, whicih also contains recipes, is available online.

So if you’ve ever thought about kicking the meat habit, today is the day to give up delicious hamburgers and steaks and chicken and oysters and ribs, etc. That is until “shmeat” becomes widely available.

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