Today is Fat City’s one-year anniversary

It was exactly one year ago that The Pitch launched Fat City with a root beer tasting. Since then, we’ve delivered 1,500 posts of news, events, openings, closings and the most informative — and weirdest — stuff we can find online. 

Out of those 1,500 posts, there have been some definite duds. But like a blind miner, we occasionally strike gold.

Here, in chronological order, are our 10 favorites.

10. Advice from a sommelier on selecting a good wine: We still read this article before going to the liquor store.

9.  Culinary School Diaries:

This one discussed the overuse of pointless French

words. It only got more technical over the next 13 weeks of classes.

8. Christmas foods that are overrated: Who knew people really love those huge popcorn tins so much?

7. Possibly the worst waiter in Kansas City: Here’s a tip — don’t give him your credit card.

6. Predictions for 2009: About half of these have already come true and the other half are looking extra promising now that we’re halfway through the year.
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