This will get your house egged …

Kansans For Life doesn’t want you to hand out fun-sized Snickers bars, candy corn or caramel apples this Halloween. Not that they’re worried about child obesity. No, on this All Hallows’ Eve they want you to spread the anti-abortion message by giving out “God is Good” coloring books and tattoos with messages like “life is precious,” “pro-life,” “celebrate life,” “I love life” and “life.” You get the point, pagans.

Kansans For Life aren’t just giving them away. The tattoos cost $.08 and the coloring books go for a dime, but as KFL says: “That’s almost cheaper than candy and sends a

message that God loves each of us.” Yes, almost.

A tip to those handing out the coloring books and tattoos. Don’t stomp on the flaming bag on your doorstep. You’ll regret it.

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