The Well Bombs Burger Week

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The countdown has started: six more days until the start of Burger Week, October 19 through October 25.

Among the 16 special $5 burgers is the decadent Bomb, created by chef Eric Quisenberry of the Well (7421 Broadway). It’s pictured above — clearly a burger that costs considerably more than five bucks to make. “Very considerably,” says the Well owner Chris Lewellen.

For five smackers, Burger Week patrons — who must eat their burgers in the dining room — get bombed with a grilled beef patty that comes smothered in creamy Boursin cheese and topped with several slices of applewood-smoked bacon. Sliced, sauteed crimini mushrooms and a jumble of fried onion straws complete the sandwich. 

I got a preview of this burger last week (and paid $12 for the privilege), and I can tell you from experience that it goes very well with the Well’s crunchy, tart-and-sweet celery-seed slaw. The sugar- and vinegar-based dressing provides a tangy counterpoint to all the fried components on the burger. And I can say this with some authority, too: If you eat the Bomb for lunch, you won’t be hungry again until 10 p.m., when you can go back and order another one. For five bucks.

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