‘The Tragic Failure of America’s Women’: Studies in Crap presents Coronet magazine

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Coronet magazine

Date: September, 1947


Discovered at: North Kansas City estate sale


The Cover Promises: “The tragic failure of America’s women. A shocking indictment by a noted woman physician.”


ALSO: Ain’t nothing wrong with America’s boys, with their Archie hair-cuts, superhero socks and narcoleptic harmonica playing.

Representative Quotes:  “There is one type of woman rarely seen in a psychiatrist’s office. That is the woman who is glad she is a woman.” (page 4).

“Unhappy and neurotic, they may confess to breathlessness, heartburn, muscle twitching, spells of faintness, and continual fatigue. And the more they are involved with careers, the more they are idle, the more they are childless, the more they are fashionably dressed and elaborately made up, the longer is the list of their troubles.” (page 3).

Despite the hysterics of the cover, this issue of the Readers’ Digest-y Coronet offers much more than just Maryina F. Farnham’s screed against post-war ladyhood — a screed, incidentally, that charges career-minded mothers with nothing less than the breakdown of society:

“The spawning ground for most neuroses in our civilization is the home nursery. And the principal agent is rejecting, or otherwise emotionally disordered, mother. It is she who is largely responsible for most of our 750,000 confirmed alcoholics, for millions of other neurotics, for our increasing number of criminals and truants.”


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