The secret to the perfect cinnamon roll

  • Local author Judith Fertig is on a serious roll lately.

Anyone can make a good cinnamon roll. A box of Pillsbury Hot Roll Mix makes the task so easy, you could almost make a serviceable roll in an Easy Bake Oven (not the kind that uses a light bulb, however; I tried!).

The art comes from making the perfect cinnamon roll, and that requires knowing a few essential secrets. Lenexa-based author Judith Fertig shares quite a few of those in her new hardback book, I Love Cinnamon Rolls ($19.99 Andrews McMeel Publishing), which was released last month.

“You can’t overwork the dough or it will leave the finished rolls tough and chewy,” says Fertig, who cringes when she watches a neophyte roll maker “knead” the dough by aggressively punching and folding it. “You knead it lightly so the dough is light and fluffy even before it rises.”

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