The Pitch’s Secret Menu: Gaels Public House 

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The Surf & Turf Get Lucky Burger. // Courtesy of Gaels Public House

Gaels Public House owner Derrick Bachman is an avid ocean visitor and a seafood enthusiast. He wants guests to know his Irish-tinged menu reflects all of that and more.

“My personality comes through in multiple facets of my restaurant,” Bachman says. “Our lunch menu brings in regulars, students, and businesses. For dinner, we host families, groups of all sizes, and the bar crowd is highly diverse at all times.”

While the pub offers some killer daily specials, there’s one über-secret menu item that was conceived during one of Gaels’ raucous themed nights.

“One karaoke night, a mildly inebriated young adult came up to the bar and asked us to cook up something ‘classy but trashy,’” Bachman admits. “Gaels’ kitchen went wild—and it was a smash. Pun intended. Now our staff (and I) order this secret smash-burger even though it’s not on our menu.”

Bachman calls it his Surf & Turf Get Lucky Burger.

“Starting with a premium-grade Wagyu Beef patty, the kitchen crew grills up Cajun-spiced shrimp to top it with,” he says. “We add spicy aioli and garden fixings and serve this seafood burger on a butter-drenched salt and pepper bun.”

As if that wasn’t decadent enough, Bachman says his chefs load up the plate with “house-made pub fries and piles them high with pub cheese, sour cream, and fresh chopped bacon bits.”

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“I’m Coming Out” Pride Month cocktails. // Courtesy of Gaels Public House

Bachman adds that his concocted smash-burger pairs perfectly with one of eight new drinks from their newly created “I’m Coming Out” Pride cocktail and mocktail menu.

Our favorites include the blue Mermaid Tales blending Malibu coconut rum, SVEDKA vodka, pineapple juice, fresh lemon, blue liqueur, and edible blue glitter; and the yellow Ven’s Spicy Mocktail with pineapple juice, fresh lime, apple syrup, and jalapeño.

Bachman says if you haven’t visited his 55th & Troost locale, Pride Month is the perfect time to make your inaugural appearance. “We have an affordable, upscale pub menu,” says Bachman. “And leave it to Gaels to be both classy, and oh, so deliciously trashy.”

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