The Pitch’s ‘Best of KC’ nominations are live now. Weigh in, and shape the future of KC!

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Kelcie and Brock from The Pitch // Photo by Travis Young

The Pitch’s Best of Kansas City season has arrived.

As of today, nominations are open for this year’s Best of KC issue, themed around the 80s, and it’s up to you to write in your favorites in Kansas City. Why an 80s theme? We started out in 1980 and, as of this month, we’re 40. Christ, we’re old. Ugh. Still. We’re having a delightful time flashing back to neon lights and implied cocaine.

What’s the most out-of-this-world BBQ in KC? Where’s the best place to break up with someone? We need to know your number one places to eat, drink, and play, and much more — 450+ categories in all.

Is it too many categories? Was “Best Public Bathroom” a stretch? No. Not it was not.

Last year we had nearly 48,000 people cast over 535,000 votes in almost 400 categories. This year, we’re going even bigger. A lot has changed in Kansas City over the last few months, but we think there’s still a lot worth celebrating—from local favorites to new endeavors. Nominations are open now. Participate in KC’s longest running award ballot.

Please. I need to know where to get tacos next. I’m terrible at making decisions.

(The merch we’re selling around this is amazing. Truly. I spent a week’s salary just buying some of this stuff. Get a hoodie and a mask. Ascend to new heights!)

Nominations are open through August, then we’ll tally up the top spots in every category. You’ll come back later on your final favorites, which leads up to the winners published in our November Pitch issues (plus one big Best of KC party on October 3).

Start nominating here.

P.S. Did you see our launch video? You might recognize a few winners from last year. You can watch it here:

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