Best of Like, Totally KC? We got dat merch, bb. Come do Best Of KC with us and a skateboard.

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Best of KC store. // Courtesy ourselves.

It’s time for Best Of KC 2020. And you know what that means? New merch!!!!

We’ve gone with a hard 80s style here, and between our throwbacks and our vaporware, we’ve got a little something for everyone. In the store we have everything from tees and hoodies all the way to water bottles and skateboards(?) Is this the year I get a skateboard? No. No of course not.

But maybe.

It’s time for The Best of Like, Totally KC!!!!!

We’ve also got masks with all the designs on them. Show your Pitch pride with a mask. Or literally anything else here. It’s our 40th birthday and we just wanna see you put us on your body.

Limited edition merch is available through this link for the next few weeks. Get it while you can. We’re certainly scrambling for it ourselves. (For real, I spent more than a week’s salary getting hoodies for just myself, and it is SUMMER.)

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