The newest nut crisis: pistachio panic?

Flickr: Lolo_

Many radio and TV broadcasts this morning led with this story: a major recall of roasted pistachios because of fears of potential salmonella contimation.

The good news: No illnesses have been reported, thus far, due to a reported salmonella strain discovered during routine tests by Kraft at a California food processing plant. But the peanut crisis, earlier this year, has food manufacturers going nuts over the possibility of potential lawsuits. The tainted peanut problem that reportedly started at the problem-plagued Peanut Corporation of America led to the largest food recall in U.S. history.

The Not-So-Good-News: The California processing plant is recalling one million pounds of roasted pistachios. The Kroger supermarket chain is recalling pistachios sold in 31 states and the FDA has issued a “stop eating pistachios” warning.

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