The five pizza-crust frontiers we have yet to cross

  • People are obviously unable to resist a free mustard drizzle.

The world has had a few days to digest the news that Pizza Hut has managed to smuggle a hot dog in its pizza crust for a new menu item available in the United Kingdom. Here’s The Guardian’s delightful take on the pizza-strosity:

I soon neared the end of my slice and its bedoughed, pink-brown phallus. I took a tentative bite. It was a hot dog sausage. It was rubbery and processed and salty and smoky. How, in its own filthy way, could it be anything other than delicious?

Indeed. Since Pizza Hut has clearly defined the future of pizza, Fat City has decided to offer five more pizza-crust frontiers that we should strive to cross in the coming years.

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