The Burg & Barrel taps into Overland Park

  • The Blue Moon rises in Overland Park.

Neighborhood bars come and go, appearing out of the ether and then vanishing again as suddenly as radio DJs or flavored vodkas. The challenge each of these taverns must surmount: quickly figuring out what a neighborhood needs, then letting the neighbors know you’re there.

The three-week-old Overland Park pub Burg & Barrel (7042 West 76th Street) exists in that elastic space between sports bar and neighborhood watering hole. (On the terrestrial plane, it’s off Metcalf, between Mr. Fix It and a pawnshop.) The dark wood and wainscoting resemble, as you might expect, barrel staves.

The TV screens are flat and tuned to muted basketball, while music emanates from a neon digital jukebox. The de rigueur Big Buck Safari and Golden Tee arcade games flank the restrooms. On a Sunday afternoon, the bar stools are full of the Governor Stumpy’s set (sans children). The new place feels familiar.

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