The Bridge to air top 909 songs of the 80s over Thanksgiving weekend

Screen Shot 2021 11 19 At 90925 Pm

The celebration of The Bridge’s 20th birthday has made for a helluva year, with some of the most delightful radio events imaginable.

One of my favorite memories of 2021 was 4th of July weekend. The Bridge 90.9 counted down the Top 909 songs of the 90s, as voted on by Kansas Citians. My wife and I were glued to our radio constantly that holiday weekend—squealing with laughter at tracks we’d long since forgotten, but that clearly remained certified bangers. We sat in lawnchairs all night on the 4th, watching fireworks and waiting to inevitably hear “Smells Like Teen Spirit” take the #1 spot.

Well, it’s another extended holiday weekend, and another decade to dedicate the air-time for nearly 1000 singles.

Beginning Wednesday, Nov. 24 at noon, The Bridge starts its marathon of the Top 909 songs of the 80s—once again, as chosen by the city. You can follow along to the winners and/or listen live right here. Not sure if the 80s have as sure of an obvious top spot as the 90s did, so fairly stoked to hear that reveal.

While we’re spreading some Bridge love, check out our Streetwise podcast next week for an interview with Making Movies about their Bridge-sponsored Kid A tribute show in December.

If you want to relive the joy of the 90s round from back in July, check out the full playlist here:

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