The Bridge 90.9’s full 909 song playlist of the best in ’00s music

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We here at The Pitch adore our pals over at The Bridge 90.9. If you need proof, read this feature we gave them for their 20th birthday last year. We’re also big fans of the themed events they’ve been putting together in the last few years, including their birthday cover song series and annual full days of mental health programming for the community.

Well, it’s another extended holiday weekend, and another decade to dedicate the air-time for nearly 1000 singles.

In the continuation of their July 4 tradition, this entire weekend was spent in celebration of the Top 909 songs from the 2000s.

One of our favorite memories of 2020 was the Fourth of July weekend. The Bridge counted down the Top 909 songs of the ’90s, as voted on by Kansas Citians. In 2021, they went way back to the Top 909 of the ’80s. Truly the perfect accompaniment to the full nights of fireworks, including the ones our neighbors got started with days earlier.

The full 909 from the 2000s, as selected by you, are right here in text form—after wrapping up at 8:30 p.m. last night. That list is extra useful for searching to see how many of your favs made the cut.

But if you’d prefer to just listen to three days worth of top tracks, a certain dedicated Spotify user [Shawn Frank] tends to assemble them all within a few days. Keep checking here. We’ll be using this in-office for the rest of July.

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