Tech N9ne’s tribute to Ollie Gates

Tech N9ne unveiled the single “O.G.,” off his new collaboration album — The Ollie Gates Mixed Plate — on KPRS last week. The song has a good hook, “O.G. like Ollie Gates,” and rattles off what sounds like the standard order for Tech N9ne: strawberry soda, baked beans, and the mixed plate (ribs, turkey, brisket and fries).  

Although this is his most direct tribute, it isn’t the first time Tech N9ne has shown some love for Gates Bar-B-Q. In The P.A.S.E.O., he rapped, “on 47th is Gates & Sons where Tech N9ne eats.”

“O.G.” is easily the finest song I’ve heard about barbecue. Prior to this, we only had the “BBQ Song” and the “Grillmaster Rap!” Admittedly, it’s not a well-explored category. 

The Ollie Gates Mixed Plate goes on sale on July 27. The actual mixed plate is available any time.

Home page image via Flickr: violentsiolence

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