Talking raw food with chef Rachel Fracassa

Some people make you feel healthier just talking to them. That’s the case with raw/vegan food chef Rachel Fracassa — who, in addition to catering, teaches a series of food preparation and healthy living classes. Fat City caught up with Fracassa via e-mail to talk about the raw food movement in Kansas City and how someone’s diet might change while working with her.  

Fat City: Why Raw Food?

Rachel Fracassa: Raw food is in its natural state, no

processing, no preservatives or chemicals, just whole foods. These

foods are loaded with live enzymes, vitamins, phytonutrients and lots

of water. It isn’t an all-or-nothing lifestyle. Even small changes in

your diet can make you feel so much better. Replacing your coffee with

a green smoothie, eating a salad before lunch, these are simple ways to

add more unprocessed produce to your diet without feeling restricted. The more raw you eat, the more you crave.

What’s your approach to working with new clients?
RF: Although I’m not personally 100 percent vegan, I find it very beneficial to teach people how easy a vegan lifestyle is so, one, they can wean themselves from processed animal products and get a chance to see how they feel without that in their systems and, two, they can selectively add animal products back in based on their health and/or ethical stance. For some this may mean remaining vegan and for others it may mean adding some fresh local dairy.

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