Taking a bite out of Reese’s Dark

​Candy is becoming too much like blockbuster movies — a successful idea diluted through the introduction of spin-offs and sequels. And sadly, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are turning into a shell of themselves.

There’s white chocolate and peanut butter; milk chocolate, peanut butter and nuts; a crispy crunchy Reese’s (like the sad offspring of a Nestle’s Crunch and a peanut butter cup); and one with a caramel flavored center that is the same mistake you make at the sundae bar when you decide to add butterscotch or a fruit topping. 

I didn’t try Reese’s Dark when they were released last June — but a frequently running ad campaign that shows the brightness being adjusted on your television screen snookered me in this weekend. Well, that and the retro price of two-for-a-dollar.

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