Stretch, Part Two: Goat from a pickup truck and cooking 6,000 burgers

You won’t find Stretch on the line at Grinders very often. That’s in part because he doesn’t want to mess up the chemistry of the cooks who are there day in and day out, but it’s also because his work for America’s Chefs makes sure his knife hand isn’t rusty. He was part of a team at the Great Lakes that recently served 8,800 sailors in three days. That meant 1,100 pounds of pork butt, 270 pizzas on the grill, 6,000 burgers and 175 gallons of smoothies, just on the first day.

“I was over at the restaurant, and a new guy asked me why I don’t get my hands dirty,” Stretch says.”I told him that I made more food in two days than he’ll make in a lifetime.”

Yesterday, Stretch explained how a Philly toy designer became a Kansas City restaurateur, and tomorrow, he’s going to be talking about where you might be seeing him on your television.

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