Stone Enjoy By 04.20.13 IPA has hopheads buzzing in KC

  • Perhaps the Easter Bunny will leave a 22 in your basket.

Most breweries now employ an “Enjoy By” date on a bottle rather than an expiration date. But Stone Brewing Co. has flipped that idea on its head with a new release, the Enjoy By 04.20.13 IPA. The California brewer has created a hop-heavy ale with 11 different hops added at all points of the brew process. And all of those pungent hops aren’t meant to last, which is why the beer that showed up in Kansas City (the first of the limited hophead releases that appeared in KC was Enjoy By 12.21.12) this past week is here only for a short time. Stone sent Fat City a 22 oz. bottle – the adult equivalent of the Easter Bunny – and we obliged them by drinking it.

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