Stephene Moore’s campaign manager sued for breach of contract

Rent’s due by the fifth of the month, Stephene.

As if Stephene Moore‘s campaign needed any more bad news (I mean, have you seen FiveThirtyEight’s projections? The site’s predicting a 93 percent chance of Republican “Big Daddy” Kevin Yoder taking the seat held by six-term Democratic incumbent Dennis Moore, Stephene Moore’s husband).

Moore’s campaign manager Matt Sinovic is being sued by J&K Holdings for breach of contract in Johnson County District Court over a five-month lease he signed on June 4 as “campaign manager, Friends of Stephene Moore.”

The lawsuit was filed August 25, claiming Sinovic bailed on what was supposed to be a campaign headquarters at 9300 West 87th Street in Overland Park around June 17. However, Sinovic tells The Pitch that the campaign had good reason for taking off.

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