Squitiro: Campaign manager ex post facto


Ed Wolf’s nearly 200-page deposition has provided a lot of infotainment for people who follow the Appalachian-Neapolitan soap opera in the Kansas City mayor’s office. First lady Gloria Squitiro’s alleged penchant for the inappropriate and Wolf’s “mother-in-law on honeymoon” money quote have received the most attention. Less eye-catching but also interesting is the discussion about Squitiro’s status as a Funkhouser’s campaign manager.

Squitiro described herself as her husband’s campaign manager in an interview with a Kansas City Star reporter over the summer. Squitiro used her work on the campaign to justify her prominent role in the mayor’s office, reportedly telling Star writer Stacy Downs that campaign managers commonly take jobs in new administrations.

I didn’t cover the 2007 mayor’s race on a day-to-day basis, but it was news to me that Squitiro was the campaign manager. Apparently, it was news to others as well.

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