Some idiot DUI’d Char Bar’s front door. Do you know them? Tell them they suck.

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Photo courtesy of Erin McZee.

If you’ve ever been to Westport on a weekend, you know how crazy it can get. This weekend was not an exception. On Sunday night, sometime between 2 a.m and 2:30 a.m., a car plowed into Char Bar, the beloved barbecue restaurant at 4050 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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Photo courtesy of Erin McZee.

A young woman – speculated to be in her teens or twenties – crashed into the building in a red Dodge Charger. Pennsylvania Avenue is generally partially or completely blocked with street dividers to control traffic, but regardless, the driver somehow managed to accelerate to speeds estimated at 40 miles per hour.

After the driver hit the side of the building, airbags deployed; hitting her in the face. She then exited the car, put a hand on her hip as if puzzled by what happened in this scenario then got back into her car and drove away like it never happened. The driver has yet to be identified.

Char Bar is letting customers in via a side door at this time, as the main entry was damaged by the crash.

More info is inbound, but if you happen to have a red Charger neighbor with a real shit-show going on? Tag in online or call KCPD at 816-234-5510 to report a crime.

We will update this with new information as it comes in.

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