Soda sentimentality

It’s strange how quickly sodas can become a part of our life. Companies release new products all the time and discontinue products at nearly the same rate, yet failed sodas stay with our culture. Thanks to YouTube commercials and comedic routines, people who weren’t alive when New Coke or Crystal Pepsi were introduced can still talk about them.

Viewing this great post called a Tribute to Fallen Sodas is like walking through a cemetery full of old acquaintances. Oh Pepsi Blue, I sort of remember you being popular for a day. Hey Slice, I used to drink you at soccer practice.Oh Surge, my beloved Surge.

Surge was the last soda I drank heavily before giving up soda and I didn’t even realize it had been discontinued until last year. By then, was no longer being updated and bottles were going for ridiculous prices on eBay. The fact is I don’t think I really ever liked Surge that much — it was too sweet and had a metal-orange flavor — but nostalgia almost got me to drop $10 for one 20-ounce bottle, and it has to be driving factor for anyone crazy enough to pay $50 for a can of Crystal Pepsi.

It doesn’t compare exactly, but you could call this post my generation’s soda drugstore.

The picture is not of an actual soda but of one of the best parodies Saturday Night Live ever did: Crystal Gravy, which sadly is not available anywhere on the Internet.

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