So when is Anton’s Taproom and Restaurant finally going to open?

  • Anton Kotar says he’s counting down the days to open his namesake saloon and restaurant.

Seven months ago, I wrote a Fat City post about restaurateur Anton Kotar turning the old Daddy’s Backdoor gay bar at 1610 Main into a sophisticated restaurant, saloon and butcher shop. At that time, Kotar said the venue would be open in mid-March.

That was really wishful thinking, as it turned out, but Kotar’s vision for the old brick building (which had been the home of Irene’s Restaurant & Bar for several decades) was elaborate: a tilapia fish farm in the basement level, a butcher shop and saloon on the street level, and a larger dining room on the second floor. I would peek in the plate-glass windows (after the brown-paper covering was finally taken down) from time to time and check on the progress of the place. The worn wooden floors have been painted, harlequin-style, in a black-and-white diamond pattern, and I think I saw a crystal chandelier or two. The other half of the first floor has been tricked out with ceramic tiles and refrigerated butcher cases, all ready for some chubby lengths of fresh sausages.

So when is this joint opening?

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