Snacking at the Chinatown Food Market

While it’s easy to get overwhelmed in a store with one of the city’s largest collection of seafood tanks containing

live eels, crabs and lobsters, the Chinatown Food Market (202 Grand Boulevard, north of the City Market) is a great place to

satisfy your cravings for adventurous snacks.

The aisles of the small grocery store are slim and packed with goods from around Asia. It’s here that you can find fresh Thai basil and bok choy and cans of coconut milk and peruse an entire aisle devoted to tea with dozens of oolong and jasmine varieties.

The impulse items at the register range from comically oversized Chupa Chupa lollipops to freshly baked baguettes — just begging to be turned into Banh Mi. But the entrance to the store leads immediately to Aisle 1 — a collection of chips, candy and other treats.
Here are a few:

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