Sly James for mayor? It’s a rap.

Musician Kemet Coleman (who also goes by ThePhantom*) has dipped his big toe into the political pool and found it to his liking. Now he invites you to hippity-hop on the Sly James train for mayor. His ringing endorsement comes via rap, and while we’ve always been eager to hear a new jam from Coleman, this one starts out a little lukewarm. It begins with a snippet of wonked-out political speech from James on the campaign trail. 

Couldn’t Coleman have gotten James to step into the booth? 
That said, James’ name is ready-made for a catchy hook: Sly James — Imma vote for my man / Sly James — he’s the one to bring change / Sly James — he’s the one to get it done / Sly James — who can make the city one?
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