Single Wing Creative donates toward Crossroads Community Kitchen


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Single Wing Creative has just launched an extensive line of clothing called the Support KC Industry Collection, and 100% of the proceeds are going towards Kansas City hospitality industry beneficiaries.Pocket Tee 2

The first beneficiary is the Crossroads Community Kitchen, which has fed literally thousands of people out of the kitchen of the Rieger in the last two weeks. SWC plans to adapt as this situation changes to move funds to other beneficiaries as well, and is organizing upcoming benefits.

We can’t wait to sit in your restaurants and bars again, and we are thinking about you. If you’ve got the bandwidth, maybe toss a few bucks their way?

Again, the link is right here.

Ethics Note: April Fleming is a freelance writer for this publication who also works at SWC. Can’t imagine how this would be an issue, but we thought we’d share.

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