Should we ban certain foods from fast-food menus?

  • It’s like the unholy baby of a McNugget and a wing.

McDonald’s is apparently considering a deep-fried chicken-wing option — the Mighty Wings (a short-lived menu item two decades ago) is being test marketed in Atlanta [h/t Chicago Tribune]. While a McDonald’s spokeperson asserted that there are no plans for a national rollout, that doesn’t preclude chicken wings from coming to KC.

I know we’re not dealing with the bastardization of a perfect product. Wings are as likely to be frozen and dipped in neon-red sauce as they are to be tender and crackling with a hot-sauce rub. But still, wings likely deserve a bit better treatment than an ignominious end in the Mickey D’s grease bath. Health reasons aside, should we ban certain foods from fast-food menus?

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