Shields Manor Bistro is closed and auctioning off antiques and such

  • Jaimie Warren
  • The antiques and gee-gaws from Shields Manor Bistro will be auctioned off on Sunday

A month ago, restaurateurs Max and DeDe Shields made the decision to officially close their 13-year-old Platte City restaurant, Shields Manor Bistro – the intimate dining spot was located in a 19th-century house – but keep their bed-and-breakfast business (located on the upper floors of the old home).

“The restaurant was slowly dying,” DeDe Shields says. “And we decided we were too old to keep running it. I wanted to retire!”

This Sunday, September 15, the Shields will be hosting an auction (they’re making the treats for the concession stand, too) at the restaurant, located at 121 Main in downtown Platte City, selling off much of the interior decor of the old dining room and klitchen including a 1930s white enamel four-burner stove, crocheted doilies, and a wind-up Buck Rogers toy.

The auction begins at 11 a.m. and features a wide variety of newer (a Whirlpool upright commercial freezer, a Crock-Pot, chafing pans) and antique items, ranging from an Eastlake dresser to set of Bavarian bone china.

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