Senate proposes crazy taxes on beer, wine and liquor

A wise philosopher (actually just a professor of mine) once said that history doesn’t repeat but it does follow trends.

I thought of that quote when reading that the U.S. Senate is considering a proposal to raise the federal excise tax on wine 233 percent, on beer 145 percent and on liquor 20 percent. Doesn’t the Senate know what happened the last time the country was in a crippling economy and alcohol was hard to get?

It’s also proposing a “sugar-sweetened beverage excise tax.”

Those are just two ideas out of many in the Senate Finance Committee’s 41-page report  Financing Comprehensive Health Care Reform: Proposed Health System Savings and Revenue Options (PDF and recommended reading for insomniacs). The report was co-written by a Republican Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Democrat Max Baucus of Montana, who make it clear at the beginning that “not all the options in this document have [their] support.”

That said, the proposed excise-tax plan does make things less confusing.

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