Scott Roeder tells AP he’s being ‘treated like a criminal’

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The man charged with killing Wichita abortion doctor George Tiller made a jailhouse phone call yesterday to the Associated Press, and he’s so not enjoying this whole jail thing.

Scott Roeder dialed up AP reporter Roxana Hegeman for a few minutes Thursday, and he didn’t want to discuss the Tiller shooting. He wanted to talk about his feelings: 

“I haven’t been convicted of anything and I am being treated as a


Uh huh. Roeder’s also worried about the toll the media spotlight is taking on his family. And he wants something from you.

“I appreciate your prayers,” he said.

Bond for Roeder has been set at $5 million. His next court appearance, a preliminary hearing, is scheduled for 9 a.m. June 16.

Meanwhile, a former roommate of Roeder’s told CNN that Roeder was “obsessed” with

Tiller. Eddie Ebecher met Roeder through the Freeman movement and

the two considered themselves members of the “Army of God,” which celebrates the murders of abortion doctors. Clip:

Ebecher said Roeder’s interest in Tiller became intense in the past

two years. But he said that when Roeder once raised the prospect of

killing Tiller, he warned him against it.

“He came to me and

asked me my advice if he thought it was a good idea to assassinate the

doctor,” Ebecher said. “I told him no.”

In other news:

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