Russell Stover’s S’mores brings the campfire cityside

  • The Candy Fan
  • When you need a S’mores fix, this’ll do in a pinch.

It’s time we faced the warm, gooey truth: S’mores have evolved. The ill-fated microwavable s’mores of my youth have become a stand-alone microwavable s’mores machine. And frankly, I’ve been craving the campfire staple since writing about Kansas City’s first s’mores cart (it will be cooking this Thursday).

It turns out that Russell Stover has a proper little fix for one who is jonesing for s’mores. The S’mores Big Bite is a chocolate-covered marshmallow between two graham crackers ($1.49 at CVS, currently on sale for 99 cents) in a foil wrapper. The chocolate and marshmallow are sufficiently sweet (but do not take kindly to heat), the graham cracker falls apart (if it’s not already cracked) at the mere hint of pressure, and the end result is a series of increasingly frantic, messy bites. Take it outdoors and learn why even a room-temperature s’more is still better than no s’mores at all.

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