Running Diary: Check Please

So I decided to keep a running diary of KCPT’s new show Check, Please! Here’s what happened over the 23-minute show.

7:31: Drinking a beer, sitting in front of the television — now this is the life. The theme music is a little too elevator but it’s over soon enough and here’s the show. Damn, it’s not in hi-definition. I actually wonder if this is on purpose. As any anybody who’s ever watched Lou Dobbs on CNN HD knows, the extra detail can be frightening. Food is hard enough to film, so it’s probably best we can’t see every stain on the tablecloth.

7:32: Host Doug Frost appears. He’s one of the most personable, nicest people you can talk to and I’m glad to see that look carries over to the camera. He looks tan and rested and is wearing a blue oxford shirt with the top button undone and a black sports jacket (the Bob Costas uniform) and a stylish soul patch.

The three guests this week are political operative Sophie McCarthy, independent producer Dave Simmons and entrepreneur Donna Jolly. They all look nervous like someone just told an inappropriate joke before going on air.

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