Robert Randolph and the Family Band

Raised in Orange, New Jersey’s passionate House of God Church, where his parents were leaders of the effusive Pentecostal parish, Robert Randolph found his true path to salvation from an unlikely source: the pedal-steel guitar. Randolph often found himself spending more time on street corners than in the sanctuary, but eventually he was called back to the church at age seventeen and began honing his skills in the fire and fervor of weekly worship. Randolph is still riding the roller coaster of near-instant notoriety that has taken him from the House of God to the clubs of New York for sessions with the likes of the North Mississippi Allstars. The pedal-steel prodigy has won a loyal following among jam fans, thanks in part to appearances at both Bonnaroo festivals, but he never fails to find time in the New Jersey House of God, where it all began.

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