Rightbloggers agree: Passage of health care bill an affront to Jesus

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Jim Hoft‘s obstreperous Gateway Pundit blog is associated with the

conservative Catholic magazine site First Things. That may seem odd to

those of us who know Hoft best for his non-sectarian ravings against Pepsi Cola and Honest Tea as “in

the tank” for President Obama or, more recently, items like “The Obama Curse Continues… Top Seed Kansas Falls in

2nd Round [of NCAA Tournament].” Unless hatred of Obama has become a

full-fledged Catholic sect (and who knows), what’s any of that got to

do with religion?

But Hoft really earned his Vatican gold this weekend; as the House muscled across a health care bill, Hoft’s postings

— and those of some other rightbloggers — accrued a more overtly

religious dimension.

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