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Forren’s is gone, but the postcard is worth two bucks

​My friend Linda, knowing how much I love vintage postcards with scenes from restaurants, gave me this card — I’m thinking it’s from the early 1960s — from Forren’s Restaurant in Emporia, Kansas. The former Forren’s Restaurant, I should say, because its location at 706 Commercial Street is now occupied by the Second Love Gift Shop.

Forren’s must have been a very big deal in Emporia. The postcard boasts that it had five private dining rooms seating more than 500 people. The restaurant served “hot dishes, cool sparkling salads, and fine foods … without extravagance.”

You can find collectibles from the old Forren’s on ebay (including this postcard, which averages about two bucks). That got me thinking about the relics from other restaurants closer to home. What’s valuable and what isn’t?

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