Remedy Food + Drink will become the Summit Grill Kansas City next month

Two years after a popular Waldo watering hole, Kennedy’s Bar & Grill at 500 West 75th Street, was transformed into a gastropub called Remedy Food + Drink, the venue is poised to undergo yet another transformation.

The restaurant and bar currently known as Remedy Food + Drink closes on Sunday, September 28. Three days later, the property will be taken over by two former McCormick & Schmick employees — Andy Lock and chef Domhnall Molloy — who branched out on their own two years ago and turned the former Rumors Steakhouse in Lee’s Summit, at 4835 Northeast Lakewood Way, into the superior Summit Grill & Bar.

The success of the Summit Grill & Bar inspired the two men (Lock is general manager, and Molloy is executive chef) to look for a second location. Because Molloy — who is the brother of Blue Grotto owner Fintan Molloy — lives in Waldo, the Remedy space seemed ideal for a smaller version of the Summit Grill & Bar. When the new restaurant and bar opens, tentatively on October 15, it will be called the Summit Grill & Bar Kansas City. The menu will reflect the Lee’s Summit location, featuring hand-cut steaks, fresh grilled salmon, pot roast and pork chops.

Unlike Remedy Food + Drink, the new Summit Grill & Bar Kansas City will be open seven days a week and offer both lunch and dinner (and brunch on Saturday and Sunday).

“The space is only a third of the size of our Lee’s Summit location,” Molloy says, “so it’s important that we keep the place full all the time.”

Molloy says the Remedy space appealed to him and Lock because “it’s a cool neighborhood spot with great street visibility.”

“I didn’t think that Remedy had much energy going for it, and we’re going to change that,” Molloy says. “Yes, we understand there’s more competition in Waldo than we have in Lee’s Summit, but we’re going to make a lot of positive changes.”

Those changes, he says, include revamping the tables and chairs and most of the interior decor. “We’re going to give it a crisp, clean makeover,” Molloy says.

Most of the staff for the new restaurant has been hired, Molloy says, and are already training at the Lee’s Summit restaurant. The Summit Grill Kansas City will offer a competitively priced lunch menu (“We’ll have 10 choices for 10 bucks each,” Molloy says) and an inexpensive happy-hour menu served every day from 3 to 6 p.m.

Molloy says he understands that Remedy’s reputation as being a revolving door for chefs hurt the restaurant’s business.

“There were definitely consistency problems at Remedy,” he says. “The menu went through a lot of changes.

“Our main focus,” Molloy adds, “is to make patrons feel comfortable, give them value and create a great ambience. It’s a wonderful space.”

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