Relive the last supper on the Titanic at Pierpont’s

  • Leo DiCaprio is not included in the dinner, sorry.

The Titanic will have been resting at the bottom of the ocean for 100 years when Sunday, April 15, comes up on the calendar. And while Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition at Union Station can help paint the picture of what it was like to be aboard the seemingly unsinkable luxury liner, the way to really experience the end of the Titanic is to dine like its first-class travelers.

While some Titantic-themed dinners will set you back the price of a first-class ticket (I’m thinking of this Houston restaurant’s $1,000-per-plate dinner), Pierpont’s (30 W. Pershing Road) is putting together a reasonably priced re-creation of the 10-course meal served aboard the Titanic on the night before it sank.

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