Rediscover KC got your resting Pitch faces on

Get Out and Rediscover KC: The Pitch's Spring Scavenger

The weekend of April 9-11 marked The Pitch’s inaugural Spring Scavenger. All over Kansas City, nearly 80 teams safely ventured out to reunite with their friends and family, visit our favorite spots, and take some glorious photos. There were teams dressed up as dinosaurs, witches, and Ted Lasso—some even had resting pitch faces while parading around the city. 

Our Get Out and Rediscover KC event gave recognition to three winners: favorite team name, best team costume, and the overall winner. Resting Pitch Face got our vote for best name, because obviously, and the KC Diamond Dogs won best costume for their immaculate Ted Lasso gear. But the crème de la crème was, by far, Team Single Ladies. They found the most clues and took some stellar photos. For that, they received $1,000 in cash and over $800 in gear from our sponsors.

The Spring Scav’ was a welcome, distanced breath of fresh air after a year of separation. We can’t wait to see more of you, Kansas City.

Look fun? We thought so too! That’s why we’re hosting another Scavenger Hunt this fall, 2021. The game is afoot September 17-19. Get tickets and find out more here.

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