Recession Relief: Cozy’s lasagna deal

Get cozy with a big bowl of lasagna

​Kozeta Kreka, the Albanian-born owner of Cozy’s Cafe in Overland Park, had such good response offering her meat-and-spinach lasagna as a dinner special that she recently added the dish to the permanent menu.

It’s a very good deal if you’re a fan of huge hunks of house-made lasagna. For $11.99, the meal includes a big house salad, garlic toast and an impressively large slab of lasagna made, according to the menu description, with “spinach and meet.”

Kreka means meat, of course, but it’s an easy meal to share if you want to meet a friend at the neighborhood diner for an evening meal. Or even better, eat half of the dish and take the rest home for lunch the following day.

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