Putting the shot in flu shots

Forget the clinic. It’s flu season and that means it’s time to belly up to the bar to take your medicinals.

Medicinals — the all-encompassing name for spirits and spirit-based drinks that are thought of as curatives and health tonics. Eat.Drink.Think has a recipe for a bourbon or rye whiskey cocktail that will either put you to sleep or have you on your feet. The heated drink also includes honey and lemon, which helps to soothe sore throats as well as inspires a pleasant warming feeling of the footie-pajama variety.

Medicinals — most people would simply call them a Hot Toddy — can also help to cut down on congestion. And since variations of the drink have been around for a number of years — the story is on one our sister blog site’s the LA Weekly’s Squid Ink – the Hot Toddy can be anything from a straightforward curative to designer cocktail in the hands of different mixologists.

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