President talks health care to Congress — Rightbloggers make it all about a guy named Joe

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Last week the President delivered a health-care speech to a joint session of Congress. The most newsworthy part of the event, from the rightblogger perspective, was Rep. Joe Wilson’s cry of “You lie”

during a section having to do with coverage of illegal immigrants.

(Whether the still-fluid health-care reform plan will cover illegals is

a matter of debate, which interested readers may review here, here, and elsewhere.)

In this rightbloggers momentarily achieved rare consensus with leftbloggers, who dug into Wilson’s background: his defense of the late Sen. Strom Thurmond when his illegitimate daughter came forward in 2003, his defense of the Confederate Flag, his 2002 claim that critics who recalled that America had armed Saddam Hussein when he was our ally suffered from “hatred of America,” etc.

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