Pornhub releases stats on traffic during the Chiefs Super Bowl victory

Graph of Super Bowl traffic // Courtesy of Pornbub

Super Bowl Insights have been a tradition at Pornhub since 2014, so they once again checked in to see how 2020 stacked up compared to previous years. The following data was made available to us via a press release, showing how Missouri stacked up against the rest of the country.

U.S. traffic began to drop after 5pm, reaching -19% by 7pm. Around 8pm when the halftime show was on, traffic was only -14% below normal levels, then returned to a low of -22% at 9pm. Shortly after the game ended, U.S. traffic to Pornhub surged +12% higher than normal, representing a massive increase when you consider that 11pm is Pornhub’s peak traffic time in the United States.

The per-minute data also shows us that as soon as halftime began, a large number of people immediate headed to Pornhub before returning to the show. Then just before the beginning of the third quarter, we see more people return to Pornhub for a quick break. The viewership of female users was almost unchanged, but men dropped off at a much higher rate to return to the game.

Traffic changes in the San Francisco Bay area closely followed that of the U.S. average, but traffic in Kansas city dipped as far as -50% below average in the fourth quarter. After the game ended, San Francisco’s traffic was up only +7% above average, whereas excited football fans from Kansas City stayed up late and celebrated their win by visiting Pornhub up to 22% more than usual.

So what was on everyone’s mind when they visited Pornhub on game day? Searches for “Super Bowl” and “Superbowl” increased by over +5000%. Statisticians found massive increases for anything related to cheerleaders like “football cheerleader” and “cheerleader orgy”.

Searches for “Demi Lovato”, who sang the national anthem, increased by +270%. The halftime show caused a +1401% increase in “Shakira” searches and +381% for “Jennifer Lopez”.

Further details are available at the press release.

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