Phill Kline pans Avatar

We wondered what would happen to Phill Kline after his flame-out in Kansas politics. After he lost the Republican primary in the Johnson County District Attorney’s race to Steve Howe, Kline left Kansas for to teach at Liberty University in Virginia.

But now, after seeing his latest missive on Free Republic, it looks like Kline is an aspiring movie critic — and a crotchety one at that, as he panned James Cameron’s sci-fi epic Avatar. Kline sees Al Gore environmentalism” in the film’s theme of protecting the planet from destruction, and he definitely sees a fault in Cameron’s use of the United States and Marines as the “bad guys.”

Kline has no problem playing spoiler to the film’s ending.

Nature prevails and evil capitalism and man is defeated. Eywa

thereby expresses the only truth respected by the left, a truth worth

choosing sides for — a truth worth killing for, mother earth. China’s

forced abortion policy as spiritual expression.

(That last line is his interpretation.)

Anyway, Kline writes that Na’vi‘s “ritual touching and chanting” “has a cultist quality.” He also sees the native’s bond with the planet as a “seance orgy.”

Of course, in Kline’s mind, Avatar is from atheistic Hollywood where only “Darwin spiritualism” rules.

Since Darwin cannot survive in the West’s

spiritual culture, Darwin has now become god in the form of mother

earth. Every living thing on planet Pandora is a god. And so, the new

left has reached back in history to leap ahead of the scientific age.

In the new religion, man is not god as in the age of reason and

science. Rather, all is god and thereby nothing is god. But at least

we’re spiritual.

In Kline’s mind, the displaced natives who are slaughtered aren’t the good guys. It’s the encroaching military forces who infiltrate and uproot the natives with force.

Kline takes solace in being in a quiet theater for his screening.

Perhaps we

were still fixated on Hollywood’s tossing our Marines around in the

jaws and claws of Eywa’s warriors — Freudian expressions of the left’s

desire for that all-powerful environmental protecting global police


Kline’s review ends predictably. 

Call me unenlightened, but when I see a Marine battle an

anvil headed beast called forth by a planet-god — I root for the U.S.


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