Pete Newman, ex-Kanakuk Kamp director, pleads guilty to statutory sodomy

Ex-Kanakuk Kamp director Pete Newman pleaded guilty Thursday to two counts of first-degree statutory sodomy and one count of second-degree statutory sodomy for abusing teenage boys, according to Case Net.

An investigative report gave this account of what the 35-year-old Newman did with the young boys:

“Between 2005 and 2008, Pete Newman became a close friend of his by attending family dinners, sleepovers, bible studies, taking vacations together and writing letters. Pete would hold one-on-one sessions with (the boy) in Pete’s hot tub (at Pete’s residence) and would request they be naked. Pete would discuss life’s struggles with (him) and talk about masturbation. Pete would explain that if (the boy) would masturbate with him in his hot tub then there would be no lust and therefore (the boy) would not be sinning.”

Newman will be sentenced on April 30, following a pre-sentence investigation and assessment.

Randy Turner with the Turner Report has been following the story and has more details on the “mutual-masturbation sessions” (and it didn’t stop there) Newman engaged in with underage boys.

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